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Travellin' Jim is a TV series in the making, it's just that no-one has told me yet.

I invented Travellin' Jim some years ago after listening to a bloke in a pub in Glebe talking about travelling in India, and how cheap it all was if you knew what you were doing blah de blah de blah.

Well I travelled in India well before he was there, it was very cheap and I certainly didn't know what I was doing.

There's a moral in there somewhere for those inclined to look. Those that aren't, I suggest you check out Travellin'Jim and hopefully get a laugh, but you certainly won't get any morals. You will learn some valuable tips however, like how to cool your netherness down after eating a chilli omelette, why not to accept a cocktail from an old bloke on the beaches of Goa and what makes Jim multiply everything by 9.

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